Anya Gerasimchuk Portrait

Fine Arts Biography

Anya Gerasimchuk, Russian-born artist, appeared with Fine Arts shows both in the United States and Europe.
Among her solo shows are the shows in the Radishev State Art Museum, Saratov, Russia, Art Gallery “Zemskoye Obozreniye”, Russia, Kennedy Heights Art Center, Cincinnat, OH, Half Gallery, Louisville, KY, Louisville International Cultural Center, Louisville, KY, "Gallery On High", Columbus, OH and more...
Anya actively participates in the Visual Arts life of the community: worked as a Docent in the "Radishev" Art Gallery in Saratov, Russia, was invited as a demonstrating artist and an ArtVentures teacher in the Cincinnati Art Museum, judge during high school Art Competitions, Waldorf School and Cincinnati Hills Academy Arts teacher, Calligraphy instructor at Butler Tech college. .
Anya was juried into many well-know art competitions, has appeared as a featured artist in several art publications including the Downtowner Magazine, Cincinnati, Ohio, University of Cincinnati, DAAP on-line publication, web-site MUSEUM NEWS, “World of Art ” magazine, Russia and more.
In her work Anya emphasizes the connection between various forms of art in her work: Dance, Music, Fine Arts, Design. She works side-by-side with the musicians: Together with several musicians she has created a program “Sounds on Canvases” which is a combination of Concert and Art Presentation. The highlight of the program is when the painting is created on-stage, while the music is being performed.


Early in my childhood my father gave me one precious present. It was a box of pastels, which was very rare then in Russia. From this point my passion for Art began. The delicate colors found a deep response in my soul, and very soon afterwards my parents began methodically decorating the walls of our dwelling with their daughter's “masterpieces”. Oil paint came to me later in life and became the most favorite media.

What do I think is Art? For me the answer is as simple as a blade of fresh green grass, which just appeared in the early spring. Throughout the whole winter I've been waiting for this little blade to arrive. When it eventually does after long days of gray, snowy winter, I want to sing it a song in great admiration and love. It's very simple: I see, I admire, and I express my admiration. Many of my works are the result of this admiration of Nature and Life. I know sometimes Life is hard, but how could we know happiness if not for troubles? Therefore I smile in my art. Art is Life, and therefore closeness to Art makes me close to Life. Art and Life is about quietness, contemplation, and thought. Art often becomes an inner necessity, because it has a healing effect.

My abstract compositions are the manifestations of gratitude towards the beauty of the real-life objects or events. They always carry simple titles, like “Rain”, “Flamenco”, “Wind”. My more realistic oil paintings use the “visible surface” of the existing objects or people to once again be integrated into a more abstract and emotional environment - to again express my own fascination by the beauty of the real-life world or the richness of human emotions.

Majority of the works, therefore, is a mix of real and abstract, an attempt to unite the visible and the hidden. They are my emotional interpretations of the real world of things, places and events", Anya Gerasimchuk, 2008

Russian World

...In her works she tries to unite imagination and reality. Her paintings are full of bright color, real body of trees, people, vases, which at the same time unite the viewers with the essense, the heart of all things. And this essence is always full of unexpected, unusual, momentary which Anya tries to capture and express with the subtle details of lines and colors.
I want to emphasize that her Art always carries the feeling of constant spiritual contemplation, which is close to Meditation. Maybe that is the individuality and the special trait of this young woman, who in her Art tries to achieve the state close to praying.

Publication in the Russian Business Magazine of the Volga Region. “Promishlennost’ Rossii” – “The Business and Industrial Life of the Volga Region”. April Edition. Tamara Fokina